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My Story...

I'm a talented and licensed Chef located in Atlanta, GA. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, my love for food started right in my grandparents kitchen. This was was the very beginning of my inspiration which created the chef I am today. My grandparents are from New Orleans, LA . Every Sunday my grandfather "Grandad" would cook breakfast, Salt Pork and Biscuits that lightened the entire house. My grandma, affectionally known as "Bigma" would cook dinner daily. She made Gumbo & red gravy from scratch, which was the talk amongst my friends whenever they came to dinner. The smell of food is nostalgia and brings me back to my childhood. While other 12 yr old's  may have dreamed of toys for special occasions, all I wanted was kitchen gadgets and cook books. I obtained my bachelors degree in marketing and business from Dillard University and later obtained a culinary degree from the most prestige culinary schools there is, LeCordon Bleu. My specialty is creating a different spin on Creole, Cajun and Caribbean inspired cuisines. Bon Appetit!
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"The Seasoning Queen"

Chef Ivoire Lenior
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